We have the technologies and know-hows to manufacture seamless constricted tubes that can be used in harsh environments such as inside of the vibrating machines, sensor covers under exhaust gas environment, products that come into contact with chemical substances, etc.

We are contributing to manufacturing in Japan by supplying high-quality deep drawing applied stainless components.

Our company was founded in 1937 as "Otsuka Keiki Seisakusho" in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Since that time, we have utilized our expertise in metal drawing technology to manufacture components for instruments of industrial and military applications. In 1957, we perfected the “continuous” deep drawing of stainless steel. With decades of constant refinement and advanced technology, TOHRITSU is a very well recognized leader in the manufacturing of high-quality deep drawing applied components. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you. We believe TOHRITSU will be your metal component manufacturer of choice with our relentless pursuit of product perfection and customer satisfaction. 

Inquiries are welcomed and will promptly be addressed by our experts.

Gakuyoshi Rin, CEO

Company Name 
Tohritsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  
264-10 Wakamiya, Ibaraki-cho, Higashi Ibaraki Gun
Ibaraki Prefecture, 311-3123 Japan
Site Area: 8,960m2 Building Area: 2,542m2
TEL.029-306-8200 / FAX.029-293-8745
Gakuyoshi Rin   
August 1937 
Japan Yen 10,000,000 
Number of Employees 
52 Personnels as of June 2023   
Main Business 
Manufacture of Deep Drawing and Ultra Deep Drawing of Metals 
Handling Materials 
Stainless Steel / Titanium / Inconel / Non-Iron       
Manufacturing Items 
○Air Actuator Parts ○Automotive Parts ○Battery Cases ○Bellows Basic Pipes ○Chemical Equipment Parts ○Electronic Communication Parts
○Medical Equipment Parts ○Sensor Parts ○Solenoid Valve Parts
○Thermal Outer Pipes ○Various Industrial Equipment Parts 
MUFG Gotanda Branch / Joyo Bank Nagaoka Branch   
Major Customers
○Arakawa & Co., Ltd. ○CKD Corporation ○Hayashi Denko Co., Ltd.
○Hidan Co., Ltd. ○HKT Corporation ○Iwaki Co., Ltd. ○Kanazawa Kiko Co., Ltd. ○Konan Electric Co., Ltd. ○Kuze Bellows Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
○Miwa Lock Co., Ltd. ○Nas Trading Co., Ltd. ○Nissho Co., Ltd. ○Nohken Inc. ○Ohashi Technica Inc. ○Pilot Corporation ○Purpose Co., Ltd.
○Showa Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. ○SMC Corporation ○Yashimasokki Co., Ltd.
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e-mail for Inquiries 
Tohritsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
264-10 Wakamiya, Ibaraki-cho, Higashi Ibaraki Gun Ibaraki Prefecture, 311-3123 Japan
TEL.029-306-8200/ FAX.029-293-8745
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TEL.029-306-8200 / FAX.029-293-8745
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